Terms to agree on before buying any Ranks:
● Buying any of the Ranks in our webstore is strictly used to help keep the server running.
● These ranks are non-refundable! See the explanation below:
- If a chargeback is to occur, the player(s) who bought Rank will be temporarily banned for 2 weeks on Solo's SMP starting on the chargeback's set date & the players given level-stats will be removed.
Example: Supporter Rank = 2 given level-stats // Supporter+ Rank = 4 given level-stats // etc.
● Depending on the severity of the Ban, making an appeal by contacting our moderators on Reddit may or may not remove your ban.
● Obtaining said "Commands/Perks" for any of the Ranks shown in our webstore are subject to change at any time, pending the circumstance.
● Those who purchase any of the Ranks listed in our webstore will be notified ahead of time when changes will be made.
● Those who purchase any of the Ranks listed in our webstore are not entitled to the 'Commands/Perks' they obtain.
● Any of the Ranks/Perks/Commands listed in our webstore can be removed from the player(s) at any time, especially if the 'buyer/player(s)' fails to comply with the server rules listed in both our Minecraft Server. The rules are clearly stated on our server.
- SolosSMP: In-Game GUI menu using the command: /help